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Ken Hall - Sydney based Gwondana Photography P/L and Australian Photography Tours

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Australian Sightseeing Tours - Contact / About Us

Menangle frost  misty morning
Golden Mist, Menangle NSW - Australian Winner Adobe Perfect Picture Competition 2012 - Bush sunrise

Kenneth Hall - Sightseeing Tours and Holidays

Hi to everyone who loves to get out there and enjoy the environment,

When you book a tour with Australian Sightseeing Tours as part of your next holiday it's nice to know a bit about the people who will be helping you get the most from your day.

My name is Ken Hall and I am originally from Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. I am an Aussie by choice and decided to emigrate to Australia in my thirties. As an adult my work took me to Europe, the Middle East, Canada, Cyprus and Libya. Traveling to these places certainly was fabulous exposure to the cultures which in some cases were very different to my own.

Australian Photography Tours developed from my original hobbies of photography and bushwalking. The locations we visit are mostly in New South Wales National Parks and in many cases not accessable by large vehicles carrying many tourists.

We take groups of no more than six people in a luxury touring vehicle to locations found in the galleries of this website. You won't find large groups of tourists at our locations which may be in the Blue Mountains, along the South Pacific Coastline or on a Charter Boat near Montague Island.

Suzanne, my wife is a nurse and photographer who likes to get behind a camera too. 

As an international award winning photographer you can count on assistance if you need that too. We came up with a basic price for each tour ensuring that it had all the elements to give it a WOW factor. Our clients can then add catering and accommodation or we can deliver a package for you.

Overseas visitors not having local knowledge request an accommodation and catering package.

For your next holiday irrespective of whether it is for one day or more let us give you an experience to remember. We offer much more than normal tours with an experienced bush walker and internationally recognised photographer as your guide.

Ken & Suzanne

Join us on an Australian Photography Tour and Workshop and enjoy the great outdoors

It gives me great pleasure to help people from beginner to enthusiast improve their photography skills.
ABN 18 855 457 943

Diploma of Photography
Adobe Perfect Picture Competition - Australian Winner - Golden Mist
Nationally Accredited Tourism Business - Australia
National Parks Eco Pass Australian Photography Tours LIC14/84
Certificate lV Assessment and Workplace Training

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Traditional Owners

Australian Photography Tours is proud to acknowledge the traditional custodians, elders past and present of the Royal National Park, Illawarra, Budderoo NP, Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, the Dharawal NP and Macarthur Region and Botany Bay NP. We respect their lands and commit to minimum impact whilst engaged in our photography, walking and touring activities

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